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Doula & lactation services to help support your pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys.

Arija Puah

Labor Doula
Certified Breastfeeding Specialist

I am a wife, mother of 6, owner of Puah's Heart, and founder of Birth In Color Doula Collective in Dallas/Ft Worth. My journey to birth work started with the birth of my third baby. Most of my family and friends had negative remarks about my plans to have a water birth at a birth center with a midwife. Hospitals and epidurals were all they knew.


After hearing my successful birth story, I began to get requests to attend others' births...even if they weren't pregnant yet! I didn't know what to do with this initially. Once I realized education was the KEY, I became dedicated to the support of Black & Hispanic women in pregnancy and breastfeeding!​​

Since 2017, I have been supporting women and families by providing the education and resources needed to understand factors for a healthy pregnancy, the many nuances of labor and delivery, as well as a successful breastfeeding relationship.


As my services expand, I will also be preparing to assist with both fertility and postpartum support.


Arija is hands down the BEST doula, lactation consultant, and advocate for black and brown mamas. From beginning to end, I felt confident in the education, planning, support, and love she provided me as I carried and birthed my baby boy. She was there in the middle of the night when I was struggling before delivery and was at the hospital with me for 3 days while I was in labor. She even stayed until she knew I safely came out of the operating room from my c-section. Hospital delivery was NOT the plan we developed together, but this amazing woman made sure we salvaged what we could of my plan when pre-eclampsia/HELLP shifted everything for me. She supported me as I grieved the loss of my birth plan and advocated for my and my baby boy's health throughout that week. I'm so deeply appreciative of her and her Lord. Her HOUSEHOLD was praying for me, encouraging me, and shifting things around so Arija could support me. That's REAL love.
I loved her lactation course, her suggestions for childbirth education classes, her midwifery and chiropractor suggestions, and everything she did to support me before, during and after every single thing in my pregnancy and birthing experience. Not to mention, she helped me SAFELY reverse gestational diabetes, polyhydramnios, and high blood pressure. Everything she does is based on research and is rooted in her love for her clients.
Book. Her. Now.


My Services & Fees

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Doula Support


Need help with your birth plan, preparing for the big day, or looking for full doula support? There are a variety of services to fit every budget!


Lactation Support


From quick q&a sessions to full consultations, lactation support is designed to educate as well as troubleshoot issues.

Get FREE help here!

Download your copy of The 

Basics of Successful Breastfeeding. This quick guide will discuss the top concerns lactation professionals see & also provide education and tips. 

If you need help beyond this guide, please schedule a consultation for assistance!

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